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Our story

Pokhara was founded in 2004 in Spain by a highly experienced team in the distribution business. We soon became the only distributor in Spain, Portugal and for several European factories.

6 years ago we started to design, produce and export our own range of products. Our brands are growing year-on-year.



Our business is to design,produce,manufacture and export our own ranges of products to the European market mainly, but not exclusively.

We are focused on offering a wide range of special and different beauty sets and gifts, working with fragrances, bath, beauty, make up and pampering products as well as im- pulse items such as lip balms, vanity mirrors and soaps, amongst others.

Business goal

To consolidate our European market and expand our business worldwide.

Distribution channels

Department stores




Petrol stations


Sales force

2 export managers
21 sales managers in Spain
2 sales managers in Portugal

1 sales manager in France

1 sales manager in Italy

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